Commercial videos for your business:

businessUse a commercial video for your business as a part of your marketing strategy. Show your consumers the best image of your company or of your products. Make them want to buy your products. Videos are better than still photos to make people dream or share emotions. Videos give you the opportunity to show transparency to your consumers. To sell, there needs to be trust between the seller and the buyer.  Commercial videos can be a way to share the back-office of your company with your consumers even when it is impossible (hygiene, security reasons…) for them to see it in person. For example, for a restaurant, you can show the cooking area, how cooks work, how they follow   and hygiene procedures,etc… Give them a way to trust your company. Video is a perfect way to increase the perceived value of your products. Then incorporate your video on your website, your Facebook account, or put it on a screen in the front-office (public area) of your store.

Price: Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote. The starting price is 1000 CAD$ (including meetings to understand the exact goals and targets of the video + one day shooting + editing + color grading)

Events: sports, music, association…

2Increase the attendance at your event. Again, videos are better than still pictures to make people dream or share emotions. A short, fast moving teaser is the best way to make people want to attend your event or  register. Incorporate your video on your website or on your Facebook account to publicize your event throughout the world! If you are an event manager, video must be in your marketing and communication strategy!

Price: Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote. Depending on the length of the event, the  starting price is 1000 CAD$ for a one day shooting and editing.


IMG_0737I offer a package with still pictures + a video editing. Pictures are a very good way to keep the memory of the most beautiful day of your life or  keep frames in your house. But sometimes it is difficult to watch, store or transfer 500 still pictures to your friends. Most of the time, you will keep only a maximum of 5 pictures . A 5 to 10 minutes video is the best way to remember your magical wedding day and preparations. It is so easy to share with your friends or with your family. It is also very easy to store on your computer or on your TV and you will then be able to watch it any time, even many years later and remember all your wedding day in only 5 to 10 minutes. Lastly, video is better than still photos to make people dream or share emotions.

Price: Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote but. The starting price is 1500 CAD$ (includes meetings before the wedding, a two days shooting, editing,  color grading,  50 to 100 still pictures)


15Yukon is an amazing playground for shootings and documentaries. I love the beautiful landscapes, so don’t hesitate to contact me for ideas!